Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Motivtion

At Halloween time I had a pumpkin on the board made up of squares and if the kids were good they got to fill in squares. If they filled all the squares they got to pick and vote on what I should be for Halloween. Halloween has come and gone so it is time for a new holiday motivation. With Thanksgiving coming up I made a huge cornucopia. I put it up on the wall. I cut out a bunch of fruits and vegetables. If students are well behave I give them one of the fruits or vegetables. They get to write something they are grateful for on it and color it in. I then put it up on the cornucopia. Right before Thanksgiving break I will take them all down and they can keep the ones that were theirs. I haven't taken a picture yet, so you will have to wait for that but here are some of the things that students are grateful for so far:

"I am glad I am in your class Miss Paul." (this one melted my heart) know I teach in Utah when one of the ones from today read

"school, Heavenly Father, and Jesus" (Love it!)

I will post pics soon!

Miss Paul

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