Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy Busy

Since getting back from fall break teaching has been non stop craziness. The first week back we had SEP's (Conferences) which meant that report cards had to be filled out and a whole bunch of other stuff had to get done. I spent about 12 hours at school each day.

My first ever parent teacher conferences went pretty well. No complaints from the parents, they all seemed to agree with their child's report cards and seemed to be happy with what we were doing in class. I am just crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

After a weekend with lots of sleeping this week rolled around. Monday was Halloween. The student's looked great in their costumes and they behaved pretty well (all things considered). We talked about adjectives the kids each got a part of this monster. They had to describe it using adjectives, then we put them all together. It was a great activity for Halloween!

I had tons to do yesterday (Tuesday) and so I ended up being at school for 13 hours -craziness. I got observed by my BYU professor yesterday morning and it went very well, that's always nice.

Today. Well, that is a whole other story unto itself.

Crazy Busy, but lovin it!

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