Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tickets and Rewards

Along with my travel theme I decided that I would try using "tickets" as positive reinforcement next year.  When I see students exhibiting excellent behavior or working hard and making progress they will earn a ticket.  I will give each student a plastic bag to keep in their pencil box where they can keep their tickets.

Different amounts of tickets will buy different rewards!  None of them involve sugar and almost none of them will cost me a cent! (the best types of rewards)  I'm hoping that the kids will get really excited about some of these rewards and work hard to earn tickets and save them for rewards. 

Here are some of the rewards:

10 tickets
make up and do a secret handshake with the teacher
get an explorer dollar

50 tickets
get a white piece of paper to draw a picture on
be the line leader on the way to lunch
pick a new pencil
be the line leader on the way to specials
tell a joke or story to the class
line up the class for lunch

100 tickets
use a teacher chair for the day
draw a picture on the board that gets to stay up all day
be the line leader for the whole day
use a pen for the day
pick the music that the class listens to during handwriting
read a favorite book to the class during read aloud

150 tickets
sit at the teachers desk for the day
move your desk anywhere you want for the day
have lunch with the teacher
5 minutes extra recess
bring a stuffed animal and keep it at your desk with you for the day

We will see how it goes!


  1. I love the secret handshake with teacher idea! Found you via pinterest!

  2. Love your blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up.
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  3. I use tickets in my classroom for the same thing. My students spend them on Friday in my classroom store. WORKS GREAT. I teach students with disabilities, so their rewards must be tangible. However, I have not spent very much on my store at all. I have young kids myself, so they donate toys they don't want anymore and I partner with our business partners. LOVE IT!!!

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