Saturday, January 28, 2012

Funny Day of Guided Reading

One of the greatest things about teaching is that the kids make me smile and laugh every day!

On Friday the funniness began during guided reading:

I have a really neat headband that I started wearing during guided reading. I wear it as a reminder to the students that they are not allowed to talk to me. I take it off in between each group so that students can ask questions if they need to.

On Friday one of the boys from one of the groups said "that is weird." Another little boy quickly responded "I think it is cute."

We read a book called Moving Day on Friday. Before we read we talked about what it might be like to move. The same little boy who thought my headband was cute said "My mom moved around a lot, and that is how she found my dad. If she hadn't moved around so much I wouldn't have my dad". wouldn't be around either sweet little boy : )

During a different guided reading group in which we were reading a book about safety I all of a sudden hear a little girl say "Oh, that is what I have been doing wrong. I have been wearing too slippery of shoes when I have been riding my brother's skateboard." She was reading about skateboard safety. Oh the things you learn in Guided Reading.

One more story...

This one doesn't have to do with guided reading, but I am telling it anyways. On Friday we were working with coins. I gave my students an amount of money for example 32cents. I had them write down on their white boards all the different combinations of coins they could use to make 32 cents.

On one of them the students were having a little bit of a hard time. I told them that I already had 12 ways and that I was definitely going to win. I then gave them a hint about how they might be able to think of more combinations. One of my highest boys said "oh! She just gave away soo many answers!" That's the point buddy, glad to have helped you out : )

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