Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time!

It is so fun to get to spend most of December with kids who are excited about Christmas, well most days it is fun. Some days they are a little too excited for Christmas and then teaching becomes a slightly difficult task.

This week we have been writing about what we would do if Santa got stuck in or chimney. I am so proud of my students! They have om up with some great stories! I wanted to share some of them with you - just stop reading if you get bored : )

On a dark Christmas night, I saw a crumb on the floor. I thought cookie crumbs, maybe my brother got hungry so he ate Santa's cookies again. A trail of crumbs, i followed the cookie crumb trail. Santa was eating cookies stuck in my chimney. I turned on my fire place. Santa burst out of my chimney, but he fell right back in my chimney. I said "Santa, do you wear jeans?" Santa stayed quiet. I put very cold water in my water gun I found under my Christmas tree that Santa gave me. I shot the water to Santa, but that just made him madder. Santa said "are you on the naughty list?" I said "I don't know am I?" Santa said "help me" I said "why did you come here in the first place, a elf can fit through my chimney". Santa whispered "yep he's on the naughty list." I got a smile on y face. I tied a sewing string onto Rudolph the ed nosed reindeer and tied the other end onto Santa's big black boot. Rudolph the red nose reindeer yanked. Santa popped out of my chimney. I yelled out "merry Christmas Santa Clause." The sewing string ripped, Santa fell into my neighbors house and got stuck. Santa said "not again!"

I couldn't believe m eyes Santa was stuck in my chimney. I climbed to the roof and took apart the chimney and while he was getting out I was riding reindeer. And they took me for a ride around town and when we came back Santa was gone and we went inside and he was eatig all the cookies. I went back to bed and the next day it was Christmas and mom and dad said where is our chimney and I said it's a long story and I went to the Christmas tree and I saw Santa behind the tree and he said Ho Ho Ho. Mom and dad said what was that? I said nothing and he gave me a football and a nintendo dsi and a big tv and I went outside and made a snow santa.

I did fix some spelling as I was typing these, but aren't these great!!!

Some more Christmas fun! I had the kids write letters to Santa during centers last week, some of them were really cute:

To Santa,
How are you doing? I am glad that you are alive. Also why do you leave presents under my Christmas tree? Also why do you go ho ho ho? Also have a rilly splended Christmas. Also how old are you? Have a good Christmas.

P.S. You are cool

Hi Santa,
This is __________ Thank you for the presins and you are the bomdiadid and you rock so much and I hope you have a good Christmas.

Dear loving Santa,
I love you and you sweet little elfs and miss clause and all your reindeer I hope you have a good x-mas to all.

Dear Santa,
Iv been as good kid as I can be my mom sais Im good at washing dishis and takeing out the garbge but most of all Im good at drawing mario. I'd like any mity beans and some thing of mario (anything of mario)

O.k. enough is enough right? I better get back to work. Hope you enjoyed my kids work as much as I did : )

Miss Paul

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