Friday, February 10, 2012

The Noun Game and The Corner Game

The Noun Game
This is a game especially for those three or five minutes when a lesson ends to early or it's a couple minutes too early to pack up. My kids love it when I tell them we are playing the noun game and they are usually upset when I tell them that we have to stop playing.

Essentially it is charades. The student goes to the front of the class, they either stand with their hands and feet out indicating that they are acting out a person, with their two hands coming to a point (like the roof of a house) which indicates a place, or a fist against their hand (like a rock for rock paper scissors) which indicates a thing. The student then acts out the person place or thing. They get to call on someone to give them the answer.

The Corner Game

O.k. my kids love the corner game. This is a game that I heard of from a c-worker. We originally played it with r-controlled words, but you can adjust it to work with tons of different concepts. This weeks we played it with syllables. Let me tell you how it works. We talked about syllables, then I pointed to the different corners of the room telling the students that they were the one syllable corner, two syllable corner, three syllable corner, and four syllable corner. I had every student pick a corner. I would then say a word, for example table. The students would figure out how many syllables the word was. All students in the two syllable corner would be safe, they get to pick a new corner. Any students in the 1, 3, or 4 syllable corner had to go back to their desks. Keep going till you just have one winner, then start again. The rounds go quick and the students LOVE it!

Hope all is well with you!


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