Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th with Miss Paul

February 14th aka Valentine's Day. It was fun to be back in an Elementary School for Valentine's Day today!

Here are some of the thing that went on in Miss Paul's Class today:

First thing this morning we had to make our monster Valentine bags for everyone to put valentines in:

We did some Valentine's centers this morning. We made animals out of heart and wrote about them and tried to see how many times we could write our spelling words in a heart!

For writing today we changed things up a little bit and used conversation hearts to make stories:

This last one was my favorite! It says "Once there was a girl and she wrote just one note to her friend, he wasn't too hot. The note said XOXO and you rock. And he went to the girls house and said you're so fine. And he said can you marry me? And she said yes."

I don't know what we are all so worried about... apparently it's as simple as that : )

During our party this afternoon we decorated cookies, played a Valentine's "I Have Who Has" game and of course played pin the heart on Cupid.

I got to make Valentines for my kids and pinterest gave me a great idea!

Each kid got one of these in a bag with a little plastic slinky and a bouncy ball! I was so excited because my kids LOVED these! It was so great! When I gave them to them the kids were all taking them out and showing each other and smiling so much and laughing! I will definitely do this one again next year!

I got my first rose from a boy today : ) Thank you to Bruce(age 7)

Oh and I also got a valentines card from a student that read: "You are so nice and funey. You are smart and when you read a book you yows good inpresn" I think he mean expression : )

That is just about how Valentine's Day goes in second grade! Boy am I lucky to have these kiddos!

Happy Feb14th! Love ya!

Miss Paul

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