Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Lovin...

Today during math time the students were working independently on some double digit subtraction. I pulled ove some kids who I knew were struggling and went over some probems with them to make sure I knew they understood, then I pulled over a student who has a difficult time focusing and doing his work. I had him sit right next to me in my big chair and we just worked through some problems. Once I could tell that he had gotten it I told him to go ahead and head back to his seat. Before he went this is the conversation we had:

Student: "Teacher, I need to tell you something."
Me: "o.k., what?"
Student: Motions for me to lean down so he can whisper it in my ear
Student: You're Beautiful
Me: Thank you

Alright, now if I could get some boys my own age to think the same thing then I might be on the right track : ) Thank you to my 8 year old student though, you made me smile : )

It's all about the little things folks, it's all about the little things! This moment, along with playing football at recess with some boys and just seeing how happy and excited they were had to have been some of the high points of today. That and sitting in my roommates car with her, eating ice cream cones. Or the fact that I am about to walk to institute on this fine winter evening. No matter how busy or stressful life can sometimes get, when you look for the good in find it!

Much love,
Miss Paul

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