Saturday, January 21, 2012

Self Motivated Class

A while back I was talking to my principal. She talked to me about trying to get my class to a point where they are more self managed. In a sense this means trying to get my class to a place where they are good because they want to be good and not because they are going to get a ton of rewards. This is a task easier said than done. I am working on it though!

This week I tried something new with walking in the hallways. I gave the students more responsibility than I ever have before. I asked them if they could lead the way quietly and slowly without me in the front (I just walk beside them). They did it and they were AMAZING!

We did need a little bit of help during centers. I found a metal in my desk drawer and knew that it would be just perfect. I put the metal on someone who starts to work on centers quietly, then throughout centers when I say switch the student who has the medal has to find someone else who is working quietly and give them the medal! The students loved this and they were very quiet : ) We will see how long they can keep it up!

During Silent Reading today I had about four kids at a time go back an sign this card for our principal whose birthday is this weekend. They were so excited to sign the card! And they were so excited to take it down to her after school! Sometimes it is the small things : )

Life is good in Second Grade!

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