Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hundredth Day!

O.K. so the hundredth day of school is coming up in about a week and a half. Usually I put my holiday ideas up after I have already done them. I haven't figured out everything that I will be doing for the hundredth day of school yet, but I do have a few ideas so I will put them up in advance : )

O.k. so one idea that I found on pinterest is that you give the students a hundreds chart and a dice. Have them estimate how many dice rolls it will take them to fill the hundreds chart. If they roll a 6 they fill in the first six squares. if they rolled a four next they would fill in the next four squares with a different color so that at the end they can count how many rolls it actually took.

In math we are talking about money! A fun money activity would be to have students in groups and have them find as many different ways as they can to make a dollar (since a dollar is 100 cents). The team with the most ways could get some type of prize.

I am so excited for our hundredth day writing activity. We are actually going to start on this next week so that they can be finished and displayed by the 100th day of school. Students are going to write to the prompt: If I lived to be 100 years old I would... The first day we will just read a book or two, talk about older people and then brainstorm our ideas about what we would do, have, feel, want etc. if we lived to be 100 years old. We will put this information on a web. When the webs are finished we will begin writing our stories. We are going to do a fun art piece to go with our writing. We are going to make ourselves at age 100! Don't you love the torn paper for the wrinkly face? Well I do too...and I love pinterest because once again that is where I found this idea!

Here is my example of the art piece to show my kids:

I'm sure there may be other ideas, but they are not coming to me at the moment.

Loving this rainy Saturday!

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