Tuesday, January 24, 2012


O.k. so when you are a teacher sometimes you get some petty cool stuff! Check this out, a key chain made by YES one of my boys! Love it! And a tangled ring given to me by one of my girls :)

Also, funny story:
I have a bingo board that I let the best girl and the best boy from each day put their name on. This morning the boy from yesterday came in and the first thing he said to me was "I know which square I want my name in" I asked him which square, he said "I1". He then turned to his neighbor and said: "get it? I1, like I won!" It didn't matter to him that the winner is actually the person whose square coordinates is drawn out of a bag. I almost want to rig the drawing this next week and make sure that I1 wins! This little boy would be absolutely ecstatic!

Life's good! Dressing up as an old lady tomorrow to introduce a writing assignment about being 100 years old. Don't worry, pictures and my lesson ideas will follow : )

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