Friday, September 23, 2011

You may find this funny...

On Wednesday morning I was driving to school at around 7:00. When I got off the freeway in Spanish Fork I hit a huge pot hole. I saw it coming, but was unable to move to avoid it because of a semi that was next to me. I didn't get far before I realized that something was nt right with my tire. I pulled off and sure enough the tire was completely flat. I called mom and dad (of course) and then I got the spare out and the jack. I was on the side of the road dressed in a skirt for work and trying to figure out how to use the jack when a car pulled up behind me. A man got out and asked if i needed help to which i responded that would be great. He asked me where I was headed and i told him that I was headed to work at Spanish Oaks elementary school. I told him that I taught second grade. H aske what my name was. I told him that my name was Katrina Paul to whih he responded, "Oh, you must be my daughter's teacher." asked him who his daughter was, and sure enough she is in my class! haha. It is a small world. I told the story to my clas and used it as an example o f being kind to others.

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