Friday, September 23, 2011

LOVE my Kiddos

My class was AMAZING this week! They were so well behaved evey day. I have been on Recess duty this week so hey usually get back to the classroom after all my students. Each day when I got back they were sitting doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing! YES! They were so quiet during centers every day this week! This is an hour where they have to be working independently for an hour while I am teaching guided rading groups. Working quietly for an hour quietly is hard for a second grader, but they are doing great! The have been great on the carpet and during lessons. We had a great week in Miss. Paul's second grade. Looking forward to another great week next week.

Funny story of the day:
A little boy came in about 10 minutes after school ended. He said that he forgot his lunch box. He couldn't find it so I asked him if he had already put it in his back pack. He didn't thik that he had but when he looked he found that it was there. He then says "I tricked myself". I told him to have a good weekend and to try not to trick himself again. He replied saying that he hoped he wouldn't trick himself again. Haha kids are great!

Hope you have a great weekend!

<3 Miss Paul

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