Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week has been physically and emotionally draining, but still good. My kids were pretty well behaved this week and I am looking forward to another week coming up here pretty quick.

This week I had a mother e-mail me just to compliment me on something that I had done in class. A couple of other mothers gave me compliments in e-mails that were in response to e-mails that I had sent them. I can't tell you how much those compliments mean. When you are working hard and trying to do your best for the kids in your class it means a lot to have someone pay you a compliment. I hope that I will remember this and that I will remember to compliment my children's teachers on things that they do well in the future.


  1. And remember those compliments when days are rough or when you get the one complaint from a parent that really upsets you...remember those compliments! Keep it up, girl!

    A professor reminded me (often) that you usually don't impact the entire class every day, but you will always impact one child on any given day.