Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Picture this, a stuffed animal monkey in red pajamas with little yellow duck buttons. Adorable, right? Well that is a description of George. He is our class pet and he goes home with one student each weekend. This past weekend he went home with the first student. He wrote about his weekend with George in a binder and then shared the experience with the class today. So guess what George did this weekend? He hiked the Y! He also got to play on a trampoline and of course sleep with the little boy who took him home! Can't wait to hear about George's weekend adventures next weekend.

Highlight of today: we were doing som writing, all the kids were working on their own stories when I told them that they needed to put their writing back in their writing folders and get ready for lunch. I hear one little boy say "darn". Another little boy asks him why he is mad, and told him that they got to go to lunch. The first little boy responded, "I didn't get to finish writing my story." Later in the day the little boy came up to me and asked me when we would be writing again. I love to see kids enaged and excitd about what they are doing.

Also today, I gave the students their journals back. I have them write in response to a prompt at least once a week and then I respond to them over the weekend and return them. I watched one little boy open his journal and find the page I had written on. He got this cute little smile on his face and then closed the journal. I couldn't help but smile.

Life as a teacher is busy, but it is good : )

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