Friday, September 9, 2011

A Funny Day

Today was a funny day, here are the stories:

First of all I was teaching a lesson about September 11th this morning (this is not the funny part). One boy raised his hand and so I called on him. He then shared with the class that his sisters were born in the twin towers. I was kind of smiling, but there was a teacher in there observing me who started laughing and I lost it. I felt so bad, but I couldn't help it. I asked him again to clarify and he said once again that his sisters were born in the twin towers.

Next story. In music today the second grade teacher who was leading talked about how Sunday was going to be a special day (Sept. 11th). She asked the kids if any of them knew what it would be. The first girl she calls on says "On Sunday we go to church so we can learn about Jesus." The next student she calls on says "It's conference." Only in Utah! You've gotta love it!

A girl in my class was walking next to me in the hall, she gives me a side hug and then says " I want you to come to my house." On hearing this a boy who I worked with last year turns around and says "no, you should come to my house." Unfortunately I had to turn down both play dates.

I was responing to my students' Journals tonight. The prompt was "What are you liking and not liking about second grade?" This respose made me smile; "Likes! I love secont grade! This class rocks!" I also enjoyed the one that started out with " I like you..." Oh, being a teacher is great!

Today we had a Pirate reading reward party, yep you guesseed it, the teacher dresses up too! Yet another plus to being an Elementary Teacher. Here is a picture:

Also here is a writing and art project that we did after learning about September 11th. To end on a positive note we talked about what the world would be like if we were in charge:

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