Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Camp Classroom!

WOW!  It has been WAY too long!  Last year was crazy.  I loved my kids, but together they were a little bit of a rough group.  It's interesting how that can happen some years.  Between the struggles of my class and getting married in the middle of the year...the teaching blog took the back burner.  I have though about things I've wanted to post this year, but haven't yet had the time.  Now is the time!  I may just break one of the cardinal rules of blogging (if those are even a thing) and post multiple times tonight so that I can catch up!

I have had a travel themed classroom for the past four years!  This year I am still in second grade for the fifth year in a row!  I am about the only thing that has stayed the same.  I have had new teams and new interns every year.  I decided that I needed some form of change, so I decided to undertake changing my class theme.  I knew it would be a lot of work, but I needed a fresh start and I figured that would be fun.  With my married name being Graham (like the graham cracker), I thought a camp theme would be fun!

Here are some pics of the classroom. 

I let kids sit in the camp chairs and in the tent for read to self during daily five.  They love it, and I love the bear that I traced onto black cardboard and stuck on the wall!
My camp sign which includes different things we will be learning or doing in second grade.

Decorations and the "bathroom bear", the students have to put him on their desk when they leave for the bathroom.  This way only one student is ever out at a time and I can easily see who is gone.

My owls that are above my cabinets.  Thank you to my co-worker Lindsay for the great idea!
A close up of the tree over the tent.  This was a "must" when designing the new classroom.

My clip chart. 

Carpet, calendar, word wall.  I decided to start with all the words up this year so that the students can use the word wall as a resource throughout the year.  They have been looking at it since the first day to help with spelling. 
I love my "new" classroom this year!  Hopefully these ideas will come in handy for someone else as well!

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