Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fact Family Street and Game

We have been working with fact families this week.  Today we made a fact family street!  The kids were really excited about it.  I gave them each their roof first and ad them come up with a fact family and write one number in each corner of the house.  They had to show it to me (so I could check that their numbers were actually a fact family) before I let them pick their color for their house.  They then had to write the two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences for the fact family.  After which they glued it all together and came and put their house on our fact family street.  The yellow lines started to get a little crooked at the end of the street because my kiddos wanted to help put them on.  They were very excited about their street!  I know that this has been done by others before.  Thank you to whoever came up with the brilliant idea in the first place!

We also played a fact family game today!

Get the students into groups of 4 or 5.  Each group needs a whiteboard and a marker.  Give the students a fact family.  The first person writes the fact family, the second person writes one of the addition sentences, the third person writes the other addition sentence, the fourth person writes one of the subtraction sentences and the final person writes the last subtraction sentence.  Which ever group finishes first and has every member raising their hand wins the round!  My kids had a blast with this, try it out!