Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sentences that Describe

This week we are talking about sentences that describe.  I saw this activity on Pinterest a while back and am excited to do it with my class tomorrow!  Each table will have a small bowl of popcorn.  I will have the students try on piece of popcorn.  I will then write the sentence "I ate popcorn." on the board.  We have talked about sentences and using interesting words in our writing so I will ask them if the sentence that I wrote on the board is a good one.  After our discussion I will explain how using adjectives which are describing words can make our sentences much more exciting.  We will talk about how the popcorn smells, feels, looks, and tastes (eating more pieces along the way of course so that we can get the best adjectives).  As the students come up with adjectives I will write them on the pieces of popcorn.  We will then display this by our writing center as a reminder that we need to use descriptive words in our writing.  "Did you use describing words to make your writing POP?"


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