Friday, May 18, 2012

Spelling Bee!

We finished with our last spelling list two weeks ago but I wanted to keep spelling going through the end of the year, so I decided that we would have a class spelling bee! About two weeks ago I gave students a huge list of all our second grade sight words and some other words that the students use frequently and should know how to spell including some homophones. We have had a count down going in the classroom and the students have been studying at home. Today was the day! Our class spelling bee! I had the students put their desks in a huge semi circle around the outside of the room. We lined up all their chairs in the middle. They sat down and came up in order. When they came up to the front I gave them a word, thy repeted it, spelled it, and the repeated it again. If they got their word right then they returned to their seat, if they got it wrong then they went and sat on their desk on the outside and watched. I kept track of the order in which the students went out. At the end students got to come up (starting with the winner and ending with the first person out) and pick out a prize! The spelling bee was great! My kids had fun with it and so did I! I think that an end of the year spelling bee will have to become a tradition in Miss Paul's Class!


  1. Events like Spelling Bee are really great for students. They are fun, competitive, and very educational. Also, they help students to open up and become more confident. Thanks for inspiring.
    Kate from

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