Monday, April 16, 2012

Dictionary Skills

As my students have been doing their Mountain Language I have noticed that quite a few of them are having a hard time with knowing which word (out of three) would come between certain guide words in a dictionary. I though that I would review it with them and then play a game that might help.

Here is how it goes:

Get students into 4 groups of 6 or as close to that as possible. Each group gets a group of card. One card says the guide words, the other cards have words on them (guide words included). Students must work with their group to put the words in order and determine which words come before, between, and after the guide words. First team done gets a point! Rotate the cards until each team has had each set of cards!

Get the free download here!

Let me know if you download it : )

Have a great week!


1 comment:

  1. I downloaded it for my dictionary/encyclopedia skills library lessons! It's an awesome idea. Thanks!