Friday, March 30, 2012


Testing is coming up and reviewing is about to begin.

Jeopardy is a great way to review! I didn't like any of the Jeopardy games that I found online, so I made one up last summer when I had a little time. We have used it to review different concepts we have learned this year. My students always get excited when they see that we are playing Jeopardy. (This was created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. If you have that it should work perfectly, otherwise I'm not sure, you might have to play around with it a little)

Get the jeopardy PowerPoint for free here!

Once you open the link click on the options button and download the document as a PowerPoint. You will be able to go in and type your questions and answers right into the boxes that say question and answer!

My students LOVE when we play Jeopardy, and seeing as we are coming up on review time and end of the year tests they are about to be happy campers. Time to make some Jeopardy reviews!


Miss Paul

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