Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kids are Great!

O.K. my kids are great! Today my kids were writing lots of compliments and putting them in our compliment jar. Today when I emptied out the compliment jar to see what had been said I found that 17 of my 24 kids had been mentioned in compliments! I'm so proud of my kids. One of the compliments was to me, it read: "You rock!!!!!!", being a teacher it great!

Today I also got an invitation to a Birthday Party. I did not know that students invited their teachers to their birthday party's. I guess you learn something new every day.

Funny note of the day:
One of my kids centers right now is to do an Author Study. They read a sheet about an author, read some books by the author and then write what the most interesting thing was that they learned and what their favorite book was. I was reading through the response sheet at the end of the day today and one of my boys wrote that the most interesting thing that he learned was that Eric Carle was born in New York. His reason for this being the most interesting thing was that that is where Jimmer grew up. Gotta love it!

Loving teaching and my kids more and more every day! Life really is good!

Love Always,
Miss Paul

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