Saturday, October 8, 2011

Journal Entries and Other Stuff

This week for the student's journal prompt I had them write what they thought Miss Paul should be for Halloween and why(we are focusing on opinion writing right now).
I thought I would share some of their responses with you.

"You shold be a which because you cold put magic spells on every one and if every one's being bad just say the magic words and will be quit. The magic words are zip your lips off. Before you say any magic word you have to complete magic school. And when you complet it fly over to scool and teach us magic poshens. But we have to be udlese 20 year old so dont teach us yet buster."

"I want you to be Ethan because he is fast." (Ethan is one of my students)

"You sould coos becau you've been nice this year."

"I want you to be a lady bug beacus I am beaing a lady bug and beacus they are cute."

"I want you to be a ferey. Fereys are priteay lik you. I have ferey wings."

"I wont her to be a zombee why? becos she loks good in whit."

Kids are the greatest! I come to love my kids more and more every day! I have a boy who wasn't doing any of his centers work. I have been working with him and this week he completd all of his centers assignments! I have a little girl who struggles with the same thing because she is easily distracted and this week she did all but one of her centers! I was so proud of her! I have a little girl who is a resource student. She got 100% on her spelling test this week, and she passed her math test!! It is the greatest thing to see kids succeed!

For a fast finisher this week I had some kids fill in a chart with pictures about the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we just finished. Their work was great! Here is a picture:

Some fall art:

I have a wall that I set up for postcards since I have a tavel theme in my room. I told the kids that they could bring in postcards from places they visit or postcards that family and friends in other places send to them. I didn't know how this would go, but the kids are loving it. They have been bringing in post cards and sharing them with the class and then we put them up. My postcard wall is looking good. Here is a picture:

Teaching is great! I love my kids! It would be beneficial to figure out how to spend less than 12 hours at school each day, but I'm sure I will figure it out. I'm going to work hard this week so that I can enjoy next weekend and then fall brek on October 20th and 21st! I'm going home for that and I am super excited!

Off to plan for next week!

- Miss Paul


  1. Thank you : ) Hope all is well with you and your family! You're the best!