Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Going Strong

It is almost the end of the second week, and we are doing pretty well in room 29. There have been a couple of days when the kids have been a little bit loud, but all in all we are doing well. Today was a good day. I love having a projector and a document camera in my room, I use them daily! It's way fun to project things on the board and then have students go up and write. I did this for teaching the parts of an insect. After teaching the parts I projected pictures of insects and let the students go up to the board and circle the different parts - they loved this! When I have a little time, I will create some lessons using which is similar to PowerPoint, only way better. The kids will love it!

O.k. when I became a teacher I never thought that I would be in children’s dreams. This morning a boy in my class told me that he had a dream about our class. There was a big fish tank in the room and fish kept jumping out of it and apparently I kept putting them back in...haha. Any dream analyzers out there? What does this dream mean?

Also today the kids were going over to the rug so that I could start a lesson; one little girl bounces past me blowing me a kiss on the way! haha It was out of nowhere and I thought it was great!

I'm exhausted, but for the most part I really do love what I do!

Miss Paul

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