Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pop Rocks Poetry

We are working on poetry this week in class.  Yesterday I decided that I was going to do a lesson on Haiku poems today.  Now the question was, how would I make it engaging for the kids?  I remembered Pop Rock - an awesome candy from my childhood!  I knew that getting to eat and write about Pop Rocks would be motivating to my students.  After going over what a Haiku poem was, the format, and emphasizing the difference between number or words and number of syllables I passed out the Pop Rocks.  Each student got a baggie with Pop Rocks in it.  After they had eaten them we described them so that they would have some words and phrases to go in their poems. 

I passes out some papers for them to do their poems on and they got to work.  Some kids could definitely use some more time and practice with Haiku poems, but some of them did a great job!

As we were winding down the assignment and getting started with Guided Reading and centers the school lost power.  Fun, fun, fun.  Always an adventure in Second Grade!

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  1. Just found your blog through Pinterest (LOVE the sunglasses idea!) and am so excited to be your newest follower. Love your ideas! :)

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