Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teacher Binder

With all of the teacher binders floating around on Pinterest I just had to put one together!  What a perfect way to keep everything straight!  I'm hoping that this will keep me super organized this year! 

Here is a picture of my binder:

I know that having a binder with a plastic sleeve on the front is all the rage.  That way you can put your own personalized cover on the front.  I LOVE chevron however, and when I saw this binder at Target I just couldn't pass it up!

Here is a list of what sections I put in my binder:

Student Info/ Data and Grades

Schedules (recess duty, planning time, after school cross walk, rotations etc.)

Parent Helpers

Curriculum Maps

Lesson Plans/ Ideas

Common Core Standards

PLC Notes (including lists were I can write things that need to be discussed at PLC's and things that I need to do afterwards)

Notes from Trainings


Scholastic Book Orders

There is also space in the front where I stick my lesson plan book.  All of the dividers have pockets so that if I can't hole punch and put something in right away I can stick it in the pocket.  I also have a pen clipped onto one of the rings inside so that I always have it with me. 

Today was our first day and I already used my binder so much!  I put important papers in it and took notes in it.  It's going to be a great organized year! I'm off to continue preparing for the students first day!


  1. A teacher has tight schedule, yes we must have a teacher binder

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