Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recipe to Success!

I came up with this idea towards the beginning of the summer and am really excited about doing this lesson sometime during the first week of school.  One thing that I LOVE to do is to dress up for lessons!  The look in the kids eyes is priceless and they listen really well too : )  

The objective of this lesson is for my new class and I to come up with a "Recipe to Success" for Second Grade!  I will begin by dressing up as a chef/baker. Luckily I dressed up as a baker for Halloween a few years back so this part will be easy.

I will come in and have the kids brainstorm things that a baker or a chef would need.  They will brainstorm in table groups and then I will call on some students to share.  Hopefully they will come up with "recipe", if they don't then I will lead them to it.  We will come up with ideas on why a recipe might be important and why we need to use a recipe. 

I will then tell them that we are going to come up with a Recipe on how we can make Second Grade a great year.  I have a letter that my class from last year wrote to my incoming class, we will read that and pull some ideas from that.  I will then have the students share things that they did last year in first grade that made first grade great.  We may add some of those.  Following this I will have students think about rules and procedures and different things that I have told them about my class. 

As I write our ideas on our BIG RECIPE CARD (that we will display in he classroom near our rules and consequences) the students will write some of their favorite ones on THIS small recipe cad.  I found the free download on Pinterest, you can type on the recipe card to personalize it to your class.

When we are done with the lesson I will take the students recipe cards and laminate them.  I will then give them back to them and let them use them as a bookmark.  They can serve as a good reminder throughout the year.   

That's a wrap.  Recipe to Success Lesson.


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  2. What a cute and great idea! Where did you get the bakers dress? Or do you have an idea for something else you could wear that would work? Thanks!

  3. That is actually just an apron, I think any apron would work perfect!

  4. How fun! I dressed up a lot through my 31 years in the classroom and it was so much fun for the kids (more for me!). They never knew who was going to show up to teach! I also cooked to teach science and math! Keep creating wonderful memories!

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