Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Popsicle Inspired Center

Well, the weather has gotten warmer (at least for a couple of days)and when it is warm outside I love to eat popsicles! My kids loved it too last week when they earned their mystery motivator, a popsicle party. Best part is that it only cost me $2.50 : ) With popsicles on the mind I came up with a fun center for my kids to do this week.
I made some paper popsicles with prefixes, suffixes, and root words on them. I then got three cups and wrote prefix, suffix, and root word on them. Students have to sort the popsicles into the appropriate cups and then have to use this recording sheet to make six words using any combination of prefix, suffix, and root word. The kids who did this center today enjoyed it! Hope you do too! Have a good one! Katrina