Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend News

This is an idea that I got at a workshop over the summer. I have been doing it this year with my class and I love it. You have a sheet that says Weekend News at the top and then a spot for a picture and a spot for writing. Each Monday at the beginning of the day you give students a little time to do their Weekend News. You keep them all, and then at the end of the year turn it into a book for the students (I might just have mine be a section of their portfolios instead of binding them all). In the end these serve as a type of journal of the students school year. It is also fun to see how their writing and drawing improves over the coarse of the school year : ) I can't wait to see them look back on all of their weekend news papers at the end of the year!

Here are a couple of examples:

Cute right? Sometimes the kids get really into it and write on the whole front and back and ask for more paper. I love to see my kids excited about learning like that!

Miss Paul